Who sees you as a partner in care? I do. Dr. Bill Garrity, DO

Family Medicine in Suffield CT

Suffield Primary Care Physicians is a family medicine practice accepting patients from age 1 and up. We are the medical practice you can count on to be with you and your family for life. We are different from medical practices you may have experienced elsewhere. We treat injuries, conditions, and diseases, but that's not all we do. First and foremost, we treat you - a whole person who eats, sleeps, plays, and has friends and family. Your health is more than medicine, so let's use medicine as just part of your overall healthcare.

Your Family Doctor: Dr. Bill Garrity

Received his medical training at Yale.
Former marathon runner. Current half-marathon runner.
Associate professor of medicine at the University of New England.
One of about 12 doctors in the state board-certified in Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.
Board-certified in family medicine.

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Doctors that DO: The D.O. Difference

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

DOs practice all over the country in almost every specialty (for example: orthopedic surgery, family practice, internal medicine, sports medicine, etc.). DOs are trained as medical doctors and are additionally trained to deliver rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, hands-on manual therapies, and other interventions. The philosophy is that your doctor should have a broader focus than disease and drugs, that health is a whole-person endeavor. Firstly, DOs are trained to listen and then share their knowledge, not just read charts, mark records, and then prescribe.

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